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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hazel Goes to the Vet, and I Accidentally Steal a Candle

Hazel-rah, the fuzzy poof-ball that impersonates a rabbit, had been having some issues. His butt fur kept getting matted, and and even worse there was...well...fecal matter in the matts. I tried to clean him up myself, but finally took him to his usual vet (where I've taken him at least 3 times since I got him) who shaved him down and treated me as if I was a horrible rabbit owner and this was all my fault (which I felt anyways). I took him home, started grooming him even more than usual, but a few months later, he was all matted again. So I called the vet. The conversation went like this.

Me: Hi, I'd like to make an appointment for my rabbit.
Receptionist: Your what?
Me: My rabbit.
Receptionist: We don't treat rabbits here.

Turns out the one small animal vet had left the practice. Another vet was recommend to me, so I called, and after confirming several times that Hazel was a male rabbit, made an appointment. Before taking him, I checked the office's website, and saw they requested that you bring in a sample of your pet's fecal matter to the appointment. So I packed up Hazel, his water bottle, his food, and a ziploc with some rabbit droppings, and we set off for the vet.

When I arrived, they couldn't find Hazel's file, but finally located it over with the files for the female animals. Remind me to never name a pet for a literary reference again.

I explained the matting issue to the vet, who took Hazel and the fecal sample to the back to run some tests. Turns out, Hazel had a stomach parasite, which was making his droppings runny, hence the matting fur, something the other vet never thought to look for. Five days of medicine, and he's his normal, hoppy self.

Now, for the candle...

The vet's office sells this candles that eliminate pet odors. I put one on the counter to purchase, but with all the confusion of Hazel's paperwork ending up on the female side again, the receptionist forgot to add it to my cost. I didn't realize it until I got home, and happily left with the candle in my bag. The people at the front desk where very surprised when I showed up to pay for it the next day.