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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some of Life's Big Questions

In no particular order.

-Where do toll-booth attendants park?

-Why don't toothbrushes fit the built-in toothbrush holders?

-Why does sitting up and sitting down result in the same final position?

-You can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed- can you be just "whelmed"?

-What is the plural of "Mickey Mouse"? (for example, if there is a store with several Mickey Mouse toys inside)

-How do tomatoes grow in the wild without falling over?

-What are people going to do with all random pictures they take with camera phones?

-Where do all my hair-ties go? (I bought a pack of 100- I now have 5)

-How does sunscreen work?

-Who first looked at a sheep and thought "Hey, bet I could make some nice yarn out of that!"?

-What am I going to make for lunch today?

1 comment:

Zachary said...

My cat collects hairties and stores them under the fridge, perhaps Hazel has similar ambitions.