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Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Dizzy (From all that Spinning)

In Monday's post I mentioned I've been spinning a lot, so I though it might be time to give some picture evidence of the fact. All the yarn in the photo is alpaca fibre. The yarn in the upper left was spun on my large spindle (more on my spindles next week) and the yarn on the right was spun on my lace-weight spindle. For comparison, the yarn on the left has a strand crossing a quarter, and the yarn on the right is crossing a nickel. I then plied the two different weight yarns to get the finished skeins you see on the bottom (the coloured yarns tied to them are to keep the skein from getting tangled- I didn't spin those). 

So just what am I going to do with all this yarn, since my knitting is now limited? Why weave, of course. On what? Well, my spinning wheel wasn't the only craft project I've worked on this year. More on that later. (by the way, my wheel made an appearance on the popular thereifixedit blog this week. You can see it here). 

The yarn in this photo is going to be the weft (or woof), the side-to-side yarn when you weave. Not pictured is some yarn made by plying two of the heavier weight strands together, which will be my warp, the up-and-down yarn. I don't have enough yarn for my project yet, but I'm working on it (when I'm not side-tracked by the lovely silk that's currently filling up my lace-weight spindle). I have time though, since my loom isn't quite finished yet.

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