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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It Started With a Car Trip

Over the years, running the Lady Track Shack 5k has become a bit of a tradition for my family. So, way back in February, I started to make plans to drive down to Orlando to run it. The Wednesday of LTS week my friend Jules asked me what my weekend plans were. I told her, then, on a whim, said "hey, want to come and run with me?" She said yes (having never been to Orlando), and we made plans for me to pick her up on Friday.

On Friday, in between listening to How to Train Your Dragon on tape read by David Tennant (I'm pretty sure I would enjoy listening to David Tennant read the phone book), we talked about our previous running experiences- Jules had run cross-country, and I have two half-marathons under my belt.

Wouldn't it be great, we both said, if we had a goal to train for. We could start running together to get into shape. And then Jules, being from Michigan, said "You know, there's a half-marathon in Detroit that runs through both the US and Canada".

And that is how we ended up registered for the Detroit 1/2 marathon.

I blame David Tennant.

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