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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Knitting, I'm Sorry

My Dearest Knitting,

You know you have been the one true love of my life these past 5 years. You have seen me through my ups and downs, kept me sane when I felt the world was falling apart, and introduced me to some of my closest friends. But, Knitting, you hurt me.

Because of you, I found myself no longer able to type or write without pain. And though it hurt me to do so, I knew we had to put our relationship on hold while I learned to cope with the pain you caused. But I found that without you, I had a hole in my life. Who would relieve my tension after a stressful day? Who would watch TV with me and never complain about the show, even if it was the same episode of Doctor Who for the fourth time? Without you, I was lost, but with you I was in pain. I had to seek comfort elsewhere.

I knew, of course, that you'd been aware of Spinning for some time. Though neither of us said anything, I knew you noticed when I left you alone and picked up my spindle. But you and I both always knew that it was you alone I loved, and no matter how long I abandoned you, I would always return. Yet after you hurt me, that began to change.

I needed something to fill the hole you'd left, and there, in my darkest hour, was Spinning, patiently waiting for me. I always intended to come back to you, my dearest Knitting, I truly did. I just needed time to heal. Yet, as they say, "once bitten, twice shy", and now I find that whenever we spend time together, if I have the slightest reminder of the pain you caused, I have to once again leave you alone. And there is Spinning, always waiting for me. 

So, my dearest, beloved Knitting, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you, but you hurt me first. You will always have a special place in my heart. We've shared so much, and it was you, after all, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Fibre. I beg you to understand, and to find it your heart to forgive me, but from now on, we will just be friends.

I will always love you, and am not abandoning you. We can still spend time together, just not as much as before. You can never be fully replaced in my life, but Spinning has never hurt me, and so I see now that it is time to move on. 

With Love,

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