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Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs You Are in Graduate School

1. You accidentally refer to your office as your dorm.

2.  You take your biggest reusable bag to the library.

3. You have to take multiple trips to the library because you can't carry all your books at once.

4. You're response to "How are you?" Is always either "busy", "tired", or, to a fellow grad student, "You know".

5. You regularly start sentences with "I was reading Aristotle last night..." and don't think its odd.

6. When you mention reading a book, you clarify if you're reading it in English. Otherwise, its assumed you're reading it in the original language.

7. You're starting to shower in the gym as often as you do at home (only time to run is before/in-between classes).

8. Your spring break plans primarily involve writing three papers.

9. You only go to parties that involve spending the first half of the evening studying.

10. And finally, you've learned that there is only one way to write a paper:

P.S. That's cranberry juice in the picture. Honest.