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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Even more important than goals and resolution, I think, are New Year Precedents. These are the things you do in first week of the New Year to set the tone for the rest of the year.

My Precedents so far:

1. Held a fun get together at my cleaned AND organized house New Year's Eve.

2. Hung out with my former college roommates on New Year's Day.

3. Spent Monday (last day before classes started) at the beach with my good friends here.

4. Bought a bike pump, lights, and rode my bike to school today! (Don't ask why I brought a bike and not a pump to school with me)

5. Made and ate a real breakfast (I know, this is important, but I tend to not do it)

6. Bought a coffee maker (Another New Year's Goal- learn to like coffee)

7. Contemplated going for a run- and then decided that a six mile bike ride was good enough (I will go running this week, though)

8. Finally let go of my dream of marrying David Tennant (but only because he got engaged)

9. Got up before 10, even though my first class wasn't until 3:35

10. And blogged!

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Bevdotcom said...

Emma - I'm impressed with your good start!