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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Electric Blanket...

Dear Electric Blanket,

Although a friend of mine had been propounding your virtues for some time now, I must admit I was dubious. To me, you were the thick, strangely textured, stiff object I used to occasionally see at people's house. In my mind, you resembled not so much a blanket as a tarp. You were also a potentially frightening object, running the risk of overheating and shorting out. My dear Electric Blanket, I apologize for my prejudices. I had not realized how much you had changed.

First, I must praise your softness. Your micro-fibre covering makes you the softest blanket I own. The wires that allow you to become so gloriously warm are so thin I scarcely notice them. Then there is your warmth. Even on the coldest nights I can now sleep without socks on. With you on my bed, I fear neither cold nor shivers. In the cocoon of your warmth, I sleep comfortably and soundly. Oh, Electric Blanket, I am sorry I ever doubted you.

Even my fears of your danger have been assuaged, and I sleep securely knowing you have an automatic cut-off switch should you overheat, be left on too long, or short out. You have come far, Electric Blanket, and I am grateful.

And now, as I right this, I can feel the cold seeping into my feet. So I shall leave my computer 'till the morning, and retreat now to your warm embrace.

Forever yours,

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Story Lady said...

SO glad I read this. I had the same view on them that you did! Looks like I might have to use some of my Christmas cash and splurge on one.