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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Coffee Chronicles: Day Four

No, I haven't already given up on trying to like coffee. I've simply come to the conclusion that I don't have the time to make a cup of coffee and blog about it every day. Instead, I'll just be conducting my coffee experiment on weekends.

In other news, several people on Facebook have weighed in on things they think I should try putting coffee, so I'm going to start using their's (and any else's I might get) suggestions. So far, it's been suggested I try:

Vanilla soymilk
hot chocolate mix
vanilla/almond extract
Salt (apparently this will cut the bitterness)

Also suggested: Drinking coffee after a rich chocolate desert.

I'm going to be trying these suggestions one-by-one. What else would you like to see me try in my coffee?

Day Four:

Mixture: Sprinkle of salt in the filter, 1/3 milk, 2/3 coffee, level tbl.sp. of sugar

Results: For science's sake, I took of sip of the coffee before adding sugar, expecting it to be salty. To my surprise, not only wasn't it not salty, but it really was less bitter!  Consequently, I was able to add a little less sugar than usual. I still didn't love the drink, but it wasn't a trail to finish it. I think even as experiment with other things, I'm going to continue to leave the salt in.

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