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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Goals

I've decided to try something new this year. I've decided not to make any New Year's Resolutions, but rather New Year's Goals. There's something so final, so do-or-die about resolutions, that they become something to stress over, rather than something to help you prepare for the next year of life. 

Goals, on the other hand, are something to aim for, something to work towards. They aren't absolute- they acknowledge that sometimes you just can't do everything. And that's okay. So here are my goals for the upcoming year:

Academic Goals:
Attend a conference
Improve my Greek and Latin
Better my time management and study skills

Health and Fitness Goals:
Train for and run a 1/2 marathon (Disneyland? Never been to California)
Learn to eat better when eating out/at parties 
Start doing some cross-training besides running
Look into joining the fencing club at my school 

Knitting Goals:
3 stockings (okay- these are non-optional)
A Ravenclaw scarf for a friend
Not to knit any socks (That's one I shouldn't have a problem with)
A pair of glittens (Cut-off gloves with a fold-over top to make them mittens)
The sweater I bought yarn for last year
Start a Doctor Who Scarf (Someone stop me, please!)

Other Fibre Goals:
Finish spinning and plying my alpaca fibre
Spin something with Hazel's fibre
Learn to dye
Get a spinning wheel (Donations towards this goal are accepted ;) )

General Goals:
Keep my house both clean and organized (yes, there is a distinction- I can do clean pretty well.   
        Organized is a whole other kettle of fish)
Balance work and play
Stick to my daily Bible readings
Blog regularly (and actually get people to comment on my blog)

What are your goals and/or resolutions for next year?


Lacifur said...

In helping you reach your goals, here is a comment.

My goal for 2011 to complete a yoga teacher training and be certified in November. I then hope to volunteer teach sports teams at my school and Polk County Schools employees. If I happen to line up any paid positions at the of the year, then cool.

Emma said...

Thanks, Lacifur! Not even 2011, and one goal down. Bet it's a new record :) I like your goals- it sounds like you're really following what you love!

Alice said...

ok Emma, this is your grandmother (Alice) hereafter, I shall be signed in adm. I hope this works. Loved your goals; I may copy. Happy New Year; am soon off to 1919.Love, adm

Alice said...

ok, if this becomes more complicated, and I keep receiving requests for URL, HTML, curogism etc and other foreign phrases, I may have to opt out. adm

Alice said...

Hey, are you going to approve me and my comments??? adm