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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Not Dead....

...just in case you were wondering.

As classes are winding down towards the end of the semester, life has gotten a bit crazy. I have exams and essays to grade, and exams and essays of my own to study for and write. And I decided that one way to make time for it all was to not blog for a while. I have, however, discovered that not blogging actually made me less productive.

Blogging is my way of staying accountable to myself. It forces me to stop and think about my day, and then lets me use some of my pent-up creative juices as I relay it in what I hope is an interesting way. Also, I've realized that once I decide it's okay to cut one thing from my regular routine, I start to cut others. Let me illustrate (with some hyperbole):

1. I need more time to do work so I cut blogging...and promptly decide this actually means I now have more time to sleep in.

2. I start sleeping in and consequently don't get on campus in time to get a good parking spot, so I end up  spending more time walking to class than getting work done in the morning.

3. Because I lost time walking to class, I decide to skip washing my dishes one night. Then another...then another...then another. And before long I have more dirty dishes than can fit in my drying rack, so I have to wash and dry several loads of them in one day.

4. To make up for the time lost washing dishes, I don't put my clean laundry away, but just stack it on my bed, which means I have to move it every night to go to sleep which takes up even more time...

and so on and so on. All because I stopped blogging. 

Morale: Blog regularly, or be caught in a never-ending down-ward spiral of irresponsibility. 

P.S. I found a spider's web between my yoga mat and my wall yesterday. I think think this is more a testament to my exercise habits than my cleaning abilities. 

P.P.S. I've decided to let the spider stay, as long as he eats bugs.

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