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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Teacher Becomes the Student

I've taught a lot of people how to knit, and a couple of people how to spin. I'm pretty used to be one of the most experienced knitters in the room at any given time, which means I do a lot of knitting "troubleshooting". A couple of weeks ago, however, the tables were turned on me when I mentioned that, despite being shown how to by several people, I've never properly learned to crochet. I mistakenly said this in earshot of an avid crocheter. And now...well now I have this:

A crocheted dishtowel, in Lily's Sugar & Cream in Denim (it's a variegated blue, you just can't tell in the picture. The colour pooling made an interesting design, though).

It's not perfect- if you look closely you can see I added a stitch on the edge of the left side. But I've been assured by my teacher that it's good for a first piece, and that the stitches are even and not too loose or too tight. 

It was interesting being the student and not the teacher when it came to a fibre art. I found myself struggling to get my hands to twist the right way to crochet, when they wanted to twist like they were knitting, and I kept trying to wrap the yarn around the hook in the wrong direction. I also felt the need to check with my friend every couple of stitches: "Is this right? Should it look like this? Is this the way the yarn should go?" She was incredible patient, and I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

So, it looks like I've added one more fibre skill to my arsenal. Next up? Weaving :)

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