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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mid-term Recap

So, I'm about mid-way through my first semester of graduate school, and figured I owe everyone an update on what I've been up.

1. The Parking Situation: You may remember the trouble I had finding a parking spot on campus. We,ll I've solved the problem, though at the expense of an hour of sleep. My earliest class MWF is 11:15. On T/Thur. it's 12:30. But I get on campus everyday before 8 to guarantee a good parking spot. 

2. The Dungeon: The Dungeon is what the Classics dept. calls the basement of our building. Graduate TA's have their "offices" (i.e. desks) down there. It has now become one of my most frequent hang-outs on campus, since it's quiet, has internet, and has electric outlets. I spend most of my mornings there before class. Occasionally, a student will find his or her way down there for help on a paper.

3. Teacher's Assistant: I'm a TA for a myth class, and am enjoying it for the most part, though I have ridiculous number of tests and papers to grade. I get to give a lecture on Thursday, and am excited about that.

4. Greek: Greek is the bane of my existence right now. I still like Greek, don't get me wrong, but I'm really struggling in the class, and it can be frustrating. But I'm hanging in there, and my professor is incredibly understanding and has been helping me develop better studying/translations skills to help me improve. 

5. Sleep: About a week ago, I finally realized the truth: There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. Something had to give. I confess, I love to sleep. I don't sleep in very late, but rather like to go to bed early(ish), and take naps. But I've found that if I want to get everything done and have some time leftover for a life, then I have give up an hour or two of sleep of night (don't worry- I'm still getting enough sleep- just not as much as I would like). 

6. Church: I thought it would take me some time to find a church and get involved. Instead, my first week I walked to a church near my house and felt right at home. I'm now a part of the young adults group and the handbell choir.

7. Knitting/Fibre Friends: About my 3rd or 4th week here (can't remember which) I invited a few friends over to my house on Friday to eat dinner, watch a movie, and knit/spin/crochet/cross-stitch. Since then, Fibre Friday has ceased to be just an abstract concept on my blog, but a regular gathering. Every Friday we take turns hosting the group, and just hanging out and talking. 

8. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: As I mentioned on Friday, I'm now pain-free almost all the time. I still ice my wrists every other day or so, and take it easy on the knitting and typing, and that seems to do the trick. It's an amazing thing to not have pain from every day activities again. 

9. Humilty: Graduate school has been a great lesson in humility. I'm used to being one of the top students in my class, and generally the one who knows the most about all things Classical. But now I'm with a group of students who were also all top students and studied Classics, and I'm just one of the many. It's been interesting, sometimes frustrating, but overall, good. I love getting to hang out with people who think "Hephaestus' Happenin' Hammer" is a good name for a Quiz Team, and that "Aristophanes: The Original Player Hater" would make a good t-shirt slogan. 

10. Community Supported Agriculture: One of my friends and fellow Farmer's Market shopper introduced me to the concept of a CSA, where you pay a certain amount of money to a local farmer upfront, and every week for a set number of weeks, you receive a bag of produce. After some research, we decided to split the cost and get a CSA to share. I now have a huge amount of fresh produce to use every week; this week I received, along with many other things, four eggplants! So of course, I made eggplant parmesan. I'm really loving this, it was really affordable. 

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