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Monday, September 20, 2010

Girls with Glasses

The mom on this blog here is looking for pictures of girls with glasses, to help her little girl's self-confidence. So here's my contribution.


I need them to read. Which, as a grad student, is like saying I need them to breathe.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Prayer for September 11

Dear God,

For me, September 11 just a memory. It is an emotional memory, a powerful memory, but just a memory nonetheless.

But for some, September 11 is a reminder. A reminder of why the pillow on the bed next to them is now empty. A reminder of the brother who used to play ball in the backyard, of the sister who used to read out loud, of the friend who used to call and chat. I pray that you would be with them today, Lord, and comfort them.

For them, as for all of us, today is a reminder of hard questions. Questions like "Why? Why there, why them, why that day, why that plane?" These are the hard questions. The ones we ask, but that only You know the answer to.

So today, Lord, I pray that as we remember, as we mourn, we remember also to rejoice. To rejoice for the lives that we have, and remember to enjoy every moment.

Thank you for today, Lord, and if today is the only day we have, let us live it to the fullest.