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Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Puzzling Behaivor

It's Fibre Friday and I'm going to talk about fibre- sort of. But the important thing is that I'm getting back on my normal blogging schedule. 

I'm now reaching the 3 week point of not knitting, and I've realized a few things about my myself.
1. I really, really love to knit.
2. When I can't knit, I go a little crazy.
3. I no longer know what to do with "dead time". What do I do while watching TV? Just sit there and watch it? What about in waiting rooms? How do people do this?

Anyways, last Monday (week 2 of no knitting) I couldn't take anymore. I had to have something to do, even if it wasn't nice and portable like knitting (I've tried crocheting, but that hurt my wrist too- maybe it's time to get a loom?) So, I went to Barnes and Nobel and bought a puzzle. 5 days later, I had this:

I learned a few things from doing a puzzle:

1. I like puzzles...but not as much as knitting.
2. I'm actually pretty good at puzzles...but not as good as I am at knitting.
3. It's much harder to figure out what to do with a finished puzzle than it is with a piece of knitting. Do you take it apart? Frame it? What? (I've taken it apart, but plan to do it again and frame it. It matches my parents' kitchen).

It is interesting that I feel the need to be constantly doing something creative, be it knit or put together puzzles. Anyone else have trouble just doing nothing?

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