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Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Week Recap

Well, it's been over a week since my last post, and I really had intended to post more often. As it turns out, however, even though I'm only taking nine credit hours, that's a lot when you've been away from school for a year. And as I settle into my schedule, I expect that I will be able to blog more often. But for now, I can only promise once a week. So here is your weekly blog post (and I promise they won't all just be weekly recaps):

Monday: my first class on Monday was History of the Peloponnesian War at 12:30. I arrived on campus around nine o'clock, and pulled right into a spot near my hall. I had heard that it's hard to find a parking spot on campus, so I took it as an auspicious start of the week (as a Classics major, I now have to pay attention to such thing as auspices and bird signs). The Peloponnesian War class is going to be really fun. Instead of just using a textbook or a history book, we're going to be looking at actual classical texts, such as ThucydidesPlutarch, and Aristotle. After the Peloponnesian War class, I had Latin. The subject matter, Latin letters, seemed very interesting to me, but it was clear was going to take a lot of work.

Tuesday: I arrived a campus hour before my first class, which again was at 12:30. I am really excited about this class, because we'll be translating Plato's Phaedo. I immediately checked the parking lot where I park yesterday to see if I could find another good spot. There weren't any, which didn't surprise me so I circled around and checked some of the street parking. Still no spots. I circled not one, not two, but three parking garages looking for spots, and still didn't find one. At this point it was 12:15, and I was getting nervous. I drove up and down all the streets around campus, and finally found an open parking lot. I pulled in, how to ask where I was (it turned out I was at the law school), and get directions back to where I need to be.  I ended up being a good 10 minutes late the class. Like the Latin course, I was excited about the subject matter, but worried about the workload.

After the Plato class, I have the class I TA for, Myth East and West. There are there are over 200 students in the class, which is absolutely crazy to me, who's used to there only being 20 or so students in a class. I won't be teaching, but rather helping the professor grade all of the tests and papers along with the other TA.

Wednesday: after spending almost all of Tuesday translating Latin, and realizing it's going to take me just as long to translate for Greek, I realized something was going to have to be done. I arrived a campus before eight, because I had an early class/seminar on how to be a graduate student. I got a parking spot and good lot again, and happily made my way to class. After class, I spoke with my professor for the Latin class, and decided to move down to a lower level course, where we'll will be translating Horace.  I think this was the right decision, and will let me spend more time focusing on the Greek course, with the added bonus of getting to translate one of my favorite Latin authors. After my new Latin class, I went to history of the Peloponnesian war class.

Thursday: Thinking I had finally figured out the parking situation, I arrived on campus  with two hours to spare, and promptly circled all the good parking spots. All were taken. I circled all the parking garages -- twice. Still no spots. Still not concerned, I drove over to  the law school parking lot, only to find it was closed. I circle all the lots again. Still no luck. By now, I was starting to get worried, as the time buffer I built and was running out. As I circled the streets around campus, I suddenly saw a familiar building. It was the office building of my dad's cousin, whom we visited when I came out to look for an apartment. The sign out front said no unauthorized parking, but I parked in there anyways, and knocked on the door to ask for permission to park there.  Permission received, I headed to class.

Friday: on Friday, I didn't play around, but arrived a campus before eight o'clock, still had the circle to different parking lots and garages before I found a spot, found one after 45 minutes, then spent the rest of my free time studying while I waited for my classes start.

So, that's my week in a nutshell. Hopefully, I'll have fewer parking adventures next week, but other than that, my schedule be pretty much the same. Keep an eye out for a new post next week!

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