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Monday, July 5, 2010

Odds and Ends

The past couple weeks I've been collecting a wide array of items to furnish my apartment with. I've had to buy a few things, but a good bit of what I've gotten has been given to me. I have dishes and other kitchen things from my grandparents and parents, a blender and beater from a couple from church, and another couple has offered me a microwave. I've also been offered (and just haven't picked up) a set of wooden boxes that stack into shelves from a blog reader. And the best part of all these things (besides being free) is that they are all used.

I know it might sound odd to be excited about haveing used goods, but to me that means they have meaning. There will be hardly an item in my apartment that won't have a story attached to it, or remind me of a friend. So even though my glasses won't match, and some of my appliances will be older than me, the idea of sharing my apartment with theses little odds and ends that belonged to others appeals to me.

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