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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reading Comprehension Test on “Who was Rescued”

Name: ________________

Date:  _________________

Period: ________________

Section one:
Short Answer- please answer with 1-2 complete sentences

1. What caused the accident?

2. Why did Danielle pull over? (In her own words)

3. Which child did the mother hand to Danielle first? Why?

4. What did the mother tell Danielle to do?

5. Why did Danielle hang up on the 9-1-1 operator?

Section two:
Multiple Choice- circle one answer

1. Where was the woman and her children traveling?
a. To their Grandmother’s house b. To the beach c. To see their father

2. What was Danielle thinking about before she saw the wreck?
a. Her weekend plans b. Breaking up with her boyfriend
c. Driving off the road into a ditch

3. Why couldn’t the mother get out of the car?
a. The door was jammed shut b. There wasn’t enough time
c. Her seat-belt was stuck

4. What music did Danielle play for the children in her car?
a. Disney Sing-along   b. Classical music c. Kidz Bop

Section three:
Long response- please write a 5-6 sentence paragraph

1. Who do you think was rescued in the story? Explain why.


Notes: As part of tutoring a middle schooler in English, I made up a series of sentences for her to practice diagramming. I used the sentences to create a simple story about a girl deliberating about going to the grocery store or a movie. It reminded me of the time an English teacher I had in high school designed a multiple choice reading comprehension test that followed two story lines - one was the correct one, the other he made up.

The idea of attempting to tell a story in the form of a test appealed to me, and this is the result. Like the English test I once took, there are multiple directions the story can be taken in, though the overall plot remains the same. I leave it to you to decide the finer details of the story.

(And in case you're wondering, yes, I did create - but didn't write down - the story I made this "test" for. And yes, I know what the answers are for the story I originally imagined. And no, I'm not going to tell you what they are. Use your own imagination.)

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