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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Incomplete Poem

I'm too lazy to write an original post, so here's a poem I started in college (sophomore year, I think) and never finished (or really edited, as will be obvious). Maybe this will motivate me to work on it more. Oh, and it doesn't have a title yet.

P.S. I also apologize in advance for the extreme overuse of both Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

“To bed, to bed, to bed,” he said.
“To meet that gentle mistress sleep.
And upon her lap, you may rest
Those two well traveled weary feet.”

To bed, to bed, to bed they went.
And crossed the sea of waking thought
To dark Dream-land’s faire’ tale shore,
Where Diane’s creatures children sought.

This boy, but soft, his eyes are shut,
As stealthy sleep his mind o’er takes.
Somnia to him wishes peace-
Fair forms he shall see ‘ere he wakes.

Yet here another child lies,
Sheets tied in knots and sweat-stained brow,
Night’s dark horse takes to hoof and rides-
These gifts that troubled sleep bestow.

The boy with disappointment leaves
Night’s children for the son of Day.
Eyes open with the rising sun-
Sleep is done. Time for work and play.

His sister, child of troubled sleep,
Fights to break dark Hecate’s hold.
And when brother and sister wake,
These wondrous tales each other told.

“Oh, sister,” says the woken boy,
(he is the elder of the two)
“I had a glor’us dream last night.
Listen, and I’ll tell it to you.”

He started to begin his tale,
His sister listened with wide eyes,
Jealous of his so happy dream.
Yet wonder o’er came her despise.

Her brother’s dream had started,
It would seem, very much like hers.
The two together, playing sweet,
Ignorant of Artemis’ lures.

They were in what must be Heaven,
For they had everything they’d need
To live happ’ly ever after,
Fulfilling every child’s dream.

Brother and sister stood in awe
Of finding such a magic land.
More real to them than any dream,
They explored it all, hand in hand.

But as they hurried to see it all,
Quickly dashing from sight to sight,
The two small hands began to slip,
And the girl was left in the night.

Here the dreams began to differ.
The boy went on his happy way.
But his sister, left all alone,
Found herself caught in evil’s play.

She shivered at the coming night,
The darkness all around drew near.
And in this strange and wondrous land,
She found that she began to fear.

Why had no one told her about
These hidden things, once shroud in black
That now were rearing ugly heads,
Slowly driving her further back?

She tried to stay and hold her ground
But still the creatures pressed her on.
Each step took her farther away
From her brother and waiting Dawn.

Then a sound broke her silent world,
A hidden voice began to speak.
“Child though you know not what you want,
Follow, for I know what you seek.”

Scared at first, but lost and alone,
She decided she had no choice.
“I can always go back,” she said.
So she chose to follow the Voice.

But the Voice that sounds the most sweet,
Has always been the Siren’s call.
And the Voice that offers the most,
Is the one that will take it all.

And though her heart said “be afraid”,
Her mind was already too scared,
And so it was she took that step,
Which her soul would have never dared.  

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