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Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Knit 1/2 a Blanket in 2 Months (and keep it secret)

When my roommate from college called to say she was getting married in two months, I promptly called our other roommate with a simple question: "How long will it take you to knit half a blanket?" Of course knitting it is one thing, but keeping it secret is another. My roommate reads my blog from time to time (*waves*), which has my Twitter feed on the side. Of course, she is my friend on Facebook and, to top it off, is friend on Ravelry (think Facebook for knitters- only better).

So, should you wish to this crazy undertaking, here's how it was done.

1. Find a pattern that can be knit in pieces (i.e. that can be knit by two different people living in two different states). We used this mitered square pattern, with half the number of stitches.

2. Knit everywhere. Movies, lunch breaks at work, in the car (not while driving), everywhere. And bring your yarn everywhere too. 

3. Do not mention your project on any of your social media sites. If you happen to have a blog where you talk about your knitting once a week, come with lots of topics so no one notices that we haven't talk about what you're actually knitting for two months.

4. Keep knitting (you want this to be a blanket, not a placemat).

5. If anyone who has a social media connection to you sees you knitting, and asks what you are making, lie. Or swear them to secrecy.

6. Continue to knit (this needs to be a blanket, not a bath towel).

7. Do not let anyone with a blog capture an image of you knitting. (oops! I'm on the far left)

8. Keep knitting (grown-up blanket- not baby blanket)

9. Sew hundreds (okay-56) of squares together.

10. Meet up with your fellow knitter, sew the two halves of the blanket together, wrap, and present.

(pictures forthcoming Wednesday and Friday. Stay tuned.)

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