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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Warning: This is a very discombobulated post- like my life right now

Flux is the state I'm in right now. I've signed the lease on my new apartment up at grad school (it's unfurnished, so if you have anything you want to get rid, the Emma-needs-to-furnish-her-apartment-without-going-into-debt fund is taking donations), and that signature finally drove home the fact I've been avoiding. I'm moving. Soon. Like, less than two months soon. And so I've found myself in a state of flux (and wondering if, by definition, "flux" can actually be a state of being), as I try to continue to live my Orlando life while simultaneously planning my grad school life.

On top of figuring out the logistics of my move, and attempting to figure out a budget, I've also been daily reviewing my Latin and Greek. It's amazing how much grammar and vocabulary you can forget in a year. I'm actually pretty concerned about taking the placement tests for the two languages. My vocabulary is so weak, I don't know if I'll even be able to show what grammar I know.

All of which is to say that life is crazy right now. And some things are slipping through the cracks. Like knitting group (missed you all this week!), and blogging. I'm going to try to keep to my blogging schedule, but if I don't just know it isn't you. It's me.

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