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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paying my Debt

This is the post I owed you on Wednesday (well, Thursday too). I was going to follow it with a nice long explantation about what I was trying to do with it, but then I figured it'd be more interesting to see what you thought I was doing with it. So, don't make me beg, but seriously, I'd like your feedback in the comments. This isn't meant to be anything deep or fancy, just a bit of experimental flash fiction; a way to challenge myself. And I'm curious to know what does and doesn't work.
P.S. None of these names are of people I know- I made them up.

Saving Face

Meredith Pelgic tried her best after last night, but is giving up. Leslie Master, Nancy Turner, Abagail Collins, Taylor Rigdon
9 hours ago Comment Like
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            Amy Daniels Oh no! Meredith, what happened? Is everything okay?
            9 hours ago
            Abagail Collins hee hee ribbit ribbit
            9 hours ago
            Amy Daniels ribbit ribbit???
            9 hours ago
Leslie Master Sometimes you just have to move on. Good call.
            9 hours ago
            Amy Daniels What is going on here? Are you okay Meredith?
            8 hours ago
Katherine Reynolds Not sure what happened, but I’m sure it will work out in the end :)
8 hours ago
Taylor Rigdon Disagree (1) Giving up to easy, Mer. (wish there was a ‘dislike’ button. Had to revert to Rav. Instead ;)
7 hours ago
Nancy Turner Knot going to try again? ;)
6 hours ago
Katherine Reynolds Amy Daniels I think this is about knitting.
5 hours ago
Meredith Pelgic Yep, Katie, it is. Sorry I made you worry, Amy. Just had a chance to get back on FB.
5 hours ago
Amy Daniels I was really worried! :( Glad its all ok :)
5 hours ago

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