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Friday, April 9, 2010


You know you have too many projects on the needles've run out of needles to put new projects on. Which is where I found myself about a month ago.  So I made a promise. No more starting new projects until I finished what I had already started. And I've done pretty well. Until this week.

No, I didn't break my promise- I've not started anything new, despite a bag of yarn waiting to become a sweater, and a beautiful bamboo blend waiting to be wound. But I've also barely done any knitting. Why? Because I have three projects left: K's hat, the Acorn Hat, and my college roommate's other sock. 

Now the Acorn Hat, I willingly admit I'm avoiding because I'm done with the knitting part and just need to sew it- and I don't particularly enjoy sewing (ask my Mom about all the half-finished sewing projects I left when I moved out for college). 

But K's hat is a different story. I'm delaying on finishing that because once its done, all I'll have left to knit on is the sock. 

It's not that it's a bad sock. I like the colour. I like the pattern. I think it works well, and I've already knit one, so I'm not overly concerned about any difficulties I might encounter while making it. It's just's a sock.

Now, I know many knitters who constantly sing the praises of the Sock. It's small and portable, there is an endless variety of beautiful yarn made just for it, it knits up quick. But I just can't see it. I've made one pair of socks, three quarters of another sock, and the mate of the sock I'm currently working on it. I love sock yarn (who doesn't) and have no problem kitting in the round (I love making hats), and have no issues with small needles. And yet, inexplicably, I find that I absolutely cannot stand knitting socks. And so to paraphrase Catullus:

"I knit, I purl. Perhaps you ask why I hate to knit socks.
I do not know. I only know what I feel, and I am tortured".

P.S. "Sock" starts to look very odd if you type it enough times.

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