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Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative Gifting

If you are a knitter (or any other kind of crafter) there will likely come a time when you start knitting all your gifts. Do this enough, and it becomes an expectation. Do this too much, and well, when deadlines get tight, you have to get a little creative (how do you nicely present one sock?)

Well, somehow or the other, my Mom's birthday snuck up me and the lovely...something...I was planning to knit her for the occasion didn't even get cast on. Instead, she got this:

I told her it was a gift of "potential".

So, what have you done when a project isn't finished (or even started!) on time?

1 comment:

Bevdotcom said...

I love the idea of "potential" is so promising and hopeful! What a wonderful gift to a wonderful Mom.