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Friday, March 12, 2010

Still Sick

I've been on a bit of a no blogging streak this week, and that isn't going to end today. I've had a really bad cold, and that on top of running a 1/2 marathon and keeping up with work has taken a lot out of me. So, my promise is ('cause of I post it, I have to keep it) my 1/2 marathon recap will be up before the end of the weekend, and regular blogging will resume Monday. In the meantime, the intro to a story I started, but never finished, in ninth grade.



The man’s teeth were clenched with concentration. He stared straight ahead, eyes focused on some unknown object, ignoring the hand on his shoulder.
            “Claud, please. Let it go. We gotta get out of here.”
            The man didn’t look up. “Git away from ‘ere. I ain’t leavin’”.
            Helplessly, Nebula looked at Claud’s wife.
            “Danielle, talk to him,” he begged. “Think of Comet.”
            She looked away. Her husband wouldn’t leave, both she and Nebula knew. Claud turned from the wheel. Facing Nebula, he gave his order.
            “Go. This is yore last chance. You gotta get outta here. Save yourself.”
            Nebula knew what he had to do. He turned to Danielle. “Are you sure?” He asked. She nodded. Picking up the small child, only a few months old, he hurried to the space lock.
            He knew that Claud was right. He didn’t have much longer if he wanted to get out alive. Nebula climbed into the small spacecraft. Securing the child, he started the launch sequence. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath, “Could you go any slower?”
            The pod took off just in time for Nebula to witness the destruction of his old ship. He could see the wave of destruction, and feel it shake the small pod, but in the vacuum of space, there was no noise. The silence was almost deafening. Then the baby started to cry.   

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