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Friday, March 19, 2010

Back on Track!

After a few weeks of sporadic (which, by the way, is pretty neat word- Amy, etymology in the comments perhaps?) blogging, I'm back on track. Which means today is... Fibre Friday!

On and off the needles:

Knitting Olympic project, "Fireseed" (my own design)- Finished

"Cute as a Nut" Acorn hat (knitted on commission; my own pattern)- Finished...


My friend's second sock (the first was given at Christmas)- We aren't talking about it

My brothers girlfriend's hat- coming along nicely (needs a better name, though)

A secret project that needs to be done by the weekend- Just started (and no picture- it's secret).

In other news, I feel like I have recently made a big step in my growth as a knitter today. Since I graduated, I have slowly but surely grown more confident about Knitting in Public (KIP). First, I started bringing my knitting to waiting rooms. Then, I startled my parents by knitting while waiting for food at restaurants. Finally, during a rather desperate period around Christmas, I started knitting in drive-thrus, and once even in church (this wasn't so odd, though. Another person knits in church every Sunday).

But until today, I never really felt liked I'd cross that line- the line that divides those of us who meekly whisper "yes, I knit," and those who stand on table, thrust their needles in the air, and proclaim, "I AM A KNITTER!.

Today, my friends, today, I knitted in a movie theatre.

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