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Monday, February 1, 2010

Long Run

I think one of the coolest things about training for a long distance (in my case a 1/2 marathon), is watching the distances you once trained for become the distance you run for training. For example, back in November, I trained for and ran a 15k (sort of), which is nine miles. This Sunday, however, I ran 10 miles- as a training run.

This was the longest run I've gone in over 2 years, when I ran the Disney 1/2 marathon, nearly collapsed at the end, and swore off running for a year. But after my 10 miler yesterday, I was fine, apart from my legs being a bit sore. Its amazing to me how my body has changed through my training. I can run further and faster than I ever could, and I can literally see my muscles my muscles become stronger and more defined. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have in my life.

I've never been into running for running's sake, but I'm getting to where if I don't run a couple times of week I'm mentally and physically slower than on weeks I do run. I know running's not for everyone. But the difference regular exercise has made in my life has been incredible. I'm not saying this as a doctor or a fitness buff. Nor was a I couch potato who made a drastic change in lifestyle. I'm saying this as an average-fitness level person who made a few small adjustments in her life. The visible results are not huge- I've not gone down a pant size or anything. But how I feel, emotionally and physically has changed. So here's my challenge. The year is still young. You don't have to go running, just find something active you like, and go do it.

Unrelated thought:
My 3 biggest problems with the iPad:
1. No flash player
2. No camera (yet)
3. No USB port.

That is all.


Bob R said...

Regarding iPad
1. HTML5 will make Flash player fade away as an issue.
2. You really want to hold up something as big as a notebook to take a picture? Or may you are thinking 'webcam' ?
3. Wifi elimninates need for connectivity that USB offers.

These are my rationales for getting one as soon as it is available :) Just thought I'd share!

Emma said...

1. Yes, but it hasn't yet. And I want to watch Hulu on my iPad.
2. I did mean "camera" as in webcam.
3. I would like to be able to move files to my iPad from more than one computer w/o having to e-mail them. Especially larger files, like videos.

None of which is to say I don't want an iPad (even though its a dumb name).