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Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics

I'm competing in the Knitting Olympics (click on pic in sidebar for more info). The basic concept is to pick a project that will challenge you and cast on when the Olympics start. You have until the end of the Olympics to finish your project. I'm going to be knitting a lace scarf/shawl with some lovely silk I was tricked into buying while in Colorado (the LYS owner handed it to me. How could I not buy it after feeling how soft it was?). The pattern is my own design, and is supposed to resemble little flowers growing in rows.  I don't have anything substantial to show yet, but will post pics as I make progress.

On another note, I was swatching for my project today when my Mom saw me. She started at my hand for a moment, then asked, "What are you doing?" Now my Mom has seen me knit hundreds of times, so I didn't quite understand what she was asking.

"I'm knitting, Mom."

"But what are you doing? I've never seen you knit like that before."

I looked down at the yarn in my hand and laughed. I was casting on. My Mom had seen plenty of works in progress, but must never have seen me start a project before.

Well, that's it for now. I got some lace to work on.

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