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Friday, February 5, 2010

The End of the Sock Monkey Hat

As you know from last weeks post, I had to redo the mouth of the Sock Monkey Hat, and the top of his head (I've decided the Sock Monkey Hat is male. If you have a problem with that, deal).

Well, I had just finished with all the knitting, even the ears, when I realized I had a problem. I had no black buttons for the eyes and nose. I have plenty of buttons, mind you, just no black matching ones. My solution? Paint.
So, I took my newly blackened buttons and ears and stitched them on. I proudly held up my finished product and discovered...
I had made a Sock Cat Hat. *sigh*

I unattached the ears, eyes, and nose, moved the ears to the side, got rid of the nose, and used the nose buttons for the eyes and finally...
had a Sock Monkey Hat.

I packaged it up, sent it to my brother, and got a text from him today to say that he loves it. Expect that its too big.

I give up.

1 comment:

Chari said...

Actually, I love the sock CAT hat! :)

And yes, having a bean for a head, the hat would be too big for me as well.