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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP (Work in Progress)

I haven't been writing much new material lately, but I have been engaged in that all-important-but-not-so-fun part of writing known as revising, and thought I'd introduce you all to Terra Fabulae, the land my stories are set in. The following is (possibly) the introduction to one of my Terra Fabulae stories.

P.S. Just though it would be worth mentioning that the narrator of the story is *not* based on myself. I actually did base a character on myself, but I'm not telling you which one.

P.P.S. Thought you should also know this isn't the first Terra Fabulae story, its the third. Might make things less confusing.

P.P.P.S. I'm a fan on *constructive* criticism, so if you see something that you think should be changed, feel free to let me know in the comments.

The End
(and a new beginning)
Terra Fabulae

It’s funny what will change your life. A moment, a word, an action. Often, it’s something small. Maybe something you didn’t think twice about and did without really thinking. Not on a whim, but for a reason just out of reach. And these small moments, these words and actions, they can irrevocably and completely change your life before you even notice. As for me, well I opened a window.
            It was just over four years ago, my freshman year in college. It wasn’t an extraordinary evening, just a normal one, sitting in my dorm doing homework. It was a weekend, so my roommate was gone, like she was most weekends. I had decided to stop doing homework for the night and had taken out my notebook to work on a story I’d been thinking of when I heard something tapping on my window.
I looked up from my notebook, and there was a dragon sitting delicately upon my windowsill, and tapping on my window with his tail, which, I later learned, is very good dragon manners.
            And it is here that I made on of those life-changing decisions. I had never seen a dragon before. In truth, I’d always thought they only existed legends. But faced with the reality of a dragon actually sitting on my windowsill – and not just sitting, but knocking- I did the only thing I really could at the time. I opened the window. And the dragon came in.
            His name was Helios, and he told me about a land called Terra Fabulae. It is, I came to understand later, one of just many lands from which stories come. And while very real, it’s real in a different way than America, or my college. Many creatures live in Terra Fabulae. Some are beautiful, like the naiads and dryads. Others are amazing to look at, such as dragons, gryphons, and winged horses. Still others are terrifying monsters, like the Cyclopes. There are, of course, many types of animals, but no humans. Humans left Terra Fabulae a long time ago…but that’s another story.
            However, there is one thing that all the creatures of Terra Fabulae, even the monsters, fear, and that is being forgotten. For Terra Fabulae is, as I have said, one of the story-lands. And the story-lands are real only so long as their stories are told.
            Which is why Helios had landed on my windowsill that evening four years ago. Because the last Storyteller of Terra Fabulae had died, and he had come to seek a new one. And when he asked if I would become the next Storyteller, I made my second life-changing decision for the evening. I said yes. After all, one can hardly say “no” to a dragon.
So this is where this particular story begins. Mind you, this only one of many stories, for I have told the stories of Terra Fabulae for four years now, and others have been telling them long before me. But I’m not telling this story as I told the others, for I am no longer the Storyteller. And while this is a story about Terra Fabulae, it is also my story, for of all the stories of Terra Fabulae, it is only this one I was a part of. Which is why it’s mine and mine alone to tell.
I’ve often said that all good stories begin with “once upon a time”, but that the stories of Terra Fabulae were an exception to the rule, because they were “right-now” stories. Stories happening right now, in a very real place. And while there still right-now stories taking place on Terra Fabulae, this is not one of them. And so I find myself able to begin this story properly. Once upon a time…


Bob R said...

I'm hooked! Where can continue reading?

Emma said...

:D Glad you like it! I could bring you a copy of the manuscript to church, if you'd like to read it.