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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Knit Signal and a Post

Before I post, I want to direct any knitters reading this to Yarn Harlot's blog where she has sent out the knit signal to raise money for Doctors Without Border via the Knitters Without Borders donations she's set up. The earthquake might have been in Haiti, but it is very close to whom for many people I know, including coworkers, and my students. Not to use my blog as a platform, but I would encourage you to please give to the charity you most feel connected to. The people of Haiti already had so little, and the earthquake has taken even that.

On the needles:

I have three projects going at the moment...well, two and a half. The 1/2 is the second sock for my friend, who has reported that she currently has only one warm foot (I think that was hint to hurry up and finish her other sock).

The other two our hats for my brother and his girlfriend (no, not matching, I'm not that lame). Shhh. Theses projects are secret. I noticed K, my brother's girlfriend, admiring a skein of yarn had left out next to a hat pattern. I wasn't planning to use the two together, they had just happened to be out, but it wasn't too long before K and I started chatting and I was measuring her head. I'm going to make her a slouch hat in garnet coloured yarn (she's a 'Nole like my brother).

As for my brother, anyone who knows him can tell you he loves sock monkeys. So I'm making him a sock monkey hat for his birthday. I'm using a pattern I found on Ravelry (will link later- laptop battery is dying and I left the charger at work) with some suggested modifications from a fellow Ravelry member to make it really look like a sock monkey.

In other fibre related news, I haven't been spinning in a while, but plan to resume my Sunday Spinning.

Well, that is all. Please keep everyone affected by the quake in Haiti in your prayers.

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