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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two Shameless Plugs

First, for myself and the Track Shack Blog I help run.

I've rewritten "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" Track Shack-style, and would like to encourage you to go read it on the blog. My Dad laughed so hard when he read it that he choked on chip, so I figure it must be halfway decent. (And Re: the new blog disclosure laws, I work for Track Shack, but I don't get anything for advertising their blog).

Second, for an Orlando Sentinel columnist I usually disagree with.

I generally can't read Mike Thomas' articles without getting angry, but his column today was amazing, and I think I agree with every word. I like supporting print, so if you can get a hold of a hard copy of the Sentinel, I'd encourage you to do so. Otherwise, you can read his column online here.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! May it be filled with joy, and family, and not too much stress.

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