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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tilting at Windmills (And Other Metaphors for my Life)

Tilting at windmills. That's what I feel like I've been doing today. Of course, the thing about fighting windmills is that, while to everyone else they're just windmills, to the person doing the fighting they are, in fact, giants.


Or fighting a Hydra. That's what my to-do list has seemed like today. Every time I finish a project, three more pop into place to replace it. They way to defeat a Hydra, is, of course, to burn its head(s), but as my to-do list is saved on my computer, victory through such means comes at too hight a price.


But there was one calm moment. You know how when the AC is on, and you don't realize how much noise it was making until it suddenly clicks off? My day had that constant roar of pressure to it. Phones were ringing off the hook, e-mail kept coming in, and of course there's always the constant feeds coming in from social media sites. I got home feeling stressed and overwhelmed, when I plugged in the lights on the Christmas tree. "Click". It was the like the AC turning off in my head. Suddenly, for a brief moment, all was silent. It didn't last, but it was nice. (Yes, it's mid-December and we have the AC on.)


Unrelated: I'm looking for a home for my rats, Knit and Spindle. They are healthy, very friendly, and use to people. Rats are highly intellegent and make good pets. My Mom is allergic to them, and while they've been living outside, its too humid here for me to keep them there. They are free to a good home, along with their cage and supplies.


Robin said...

Love the post! Yes, I know that 'quiet-ness' of which you speak. So elusive. So desired. I glanced at our Christmas tree when I read that part... so beautiful, calm, serene.

Bummer about the rats. Loved Ratatouille... did you see it??

Emma said...

I have seen Ratatouille. Great movie :) Know anyone who might want Knit and Spindle? They'd be great Christmas presents for an older kid- middle school or so.