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Friday, December 11, 2009

How I Became a (minor) Ravelry Sensation

It started innocently enough. My great-Aunt Joan, who passed away a few years ago, published several knitting patterns in her lifetime. And ever since I started knitting, I've wondered what became of those patterns, and if I could track some of them down. So, I decided who better to help than the knitting and crochet community at (Ravelry, for those of you who are knitting muggles, is like a Facebook for fibre artists. Only much, much better. If you are not a knitting muggle, but aren't on Ravelry, Go. Join. Now.)

So, on the "Patterns" discussion board in Ravelry's forum, I made a post entitled "The Search for Great Aunt Joan's Patterns" and followed it with a list of pretty much everything I know about my great-aunt, which isn't very much. Well, within the first five minutes, I had a post from someone who had found a hat pattern by Joan called "Alice's Hat". I couldn't believe it. Alice is my grandma, Joan's sister. It grew from there, with people tracking down my great-aunts pattern, or just stopping by to wish me luck in my search. My post was even mentioned in the Ravelry newsletter.

It has been incredible how many people have reached out to me to help me to knit together these pieces of family history, and I just wanted to share that with you all.


A quick Christmas knitting update:

It continues. Desperately. I'm hoping that I won't be giving any gifts still on the needles, but that might be happening. I'm knitting non-stop. I've even given up spinning until Christmas, despite the lovely new soysilk fibre I have from @yarn2spin. I've reached a whole new level of KIPping (Knitting In Public), having even gone so far as knitting while taking a walk around my block (yep, I can walk and knit), knitting during the class changes at school, and knitting at the drive-thru. I haven't given up hope of completing everything just yet.

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