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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Internet...Grrr!

I missed my Monday post last night. It wasn't my fault. My internet was out again. Grrr. That being said, it seems I have fallen behind a bit in posting, so instead of nice coherent post, I'm going to write several little posts tonight.

Steve-an update

I talked about Steve last week in my first Thanksgiving Post and just wanted to hive an update. His surgery went well, and they didn't have to use the radiation seeds they thought they would. Hopefully, the doctors got all the cancer out, but it will be a bit of wait-and-see while he heals.

Turkey Trot

I ran the Turkey Trot 5k this weekend (and once again missed meeting Robin in person :( ). The Turkey Trot was my first 5k, at age 8 (and no, I won't tell you how many years ago that was) and so I thought that it would be fitting, since I've been training, to try to run a PR (personal record) at the race this year. And.... I did it! 30:55! That's a sub 10-minute mile the whole way :D. I never would have made it on my own, though. By chance, I ended up running with a mother and her daughter (who was doing her first 5k) who were running the same pace of me. Without their encouragement and help pacing, I would have given up and walked. I normally use run-walk intervals, but I ran the race the whole way. It was hard, but so worth it. And as the mother told her daughter, "Lots of people may be faster than us, but it doesn't mean they're working harder than us". So true! 30:55 might sound pretty slow to a lot of people, but it took everything I had in me to do it.


Thanksgiving in my house is always a little odd, since our tradition involves putting on a race for several thousand people (pre-cooked turkey is a must). This year, Thanksgiving was smaller than usual, with all my grandparents being out of time. But at least one tradition remained the same: my Mom insisted we attempt to make gravy, even though none of us really like it, believing that if we don't make gravy on Thanksgiving, my brother and I will be missing out on something important (at least I think that her belief).

Grad School

I'm still working on my grad school applications...barely. Its been really hard for me to work on them, and I think I'm still afraid of going through the rejection I went through last time. The deadlines are coming up, though, so I really need to focus on them. I just find myself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed every time I think about them. I could use any encouraging thoughts and prayers you can send my way.

Christmas Knitting many projects, so little time. But knitting keeps me sane, so its a good thing.

Well, that's all for tonight folks. In the words of Samuel Pepys, "And bed".

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Mrs. Z said...

I'm sure you'll get into the perfect grad school when the time is right. In the meantime, I''m sure someone needed you here this year. You just might not know it yet. Hang in there! You are too smart and wonderful not to reach your goals.