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Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Ahead, I *Dare* You

Yesterday, I ran my second 10k at the Celebration Health Founders' Day 10k (6.2 mi) and 5k (3.1 mi). (My first was the Disney Race for the Taste, which I wrote about here). My first 10k had been run on a whim, when, 2 weeks away from the race, my running partner, V., suggested we run it. At that point, we had only run 4 miles, and really had to push our training to make the distance. But this 10k we were ready for.

The weather beautiful, and from the moment V. and I lined up, we knew it was going to be a good run. We ran 5-1 intervals, meaning we ran for 5 minutes, then walked for a minute. For our first 10k, we averaged about 13 minute mile pace, so I was excited to see us finish the first mile in 12 minutes. And even more excited to pass mile 2 at 24 minutes, and mile three at 36 (I have somehow become the official time/interval keeper on our runs).

By the time we passed mile 4 at 48 minutes, I knew, short of a disaster, V. and I were going to PR (Personal Record), possibly by as much as 6 minutes.

Unfortunately, halfway through mile four, I found myself struggling to maintain my pace. I was running with a cold, and it was starting to take a toll on me. V. saw I was struggling, and tried her best to encourage me. Right in front of us was a man wearing a Navy shirt, and V., who was in the Army, turned to me and said "Now, see that man? You know I can't let him beat me." I managed to push up my pace to pass him, but found that my legs just physically couldn't move faster. "Go on ahead", I told V. "I'll meet you at the finish" (which was important in more ways than one).

V. took off, and I walked for a little while. Then, just before mile 5, I got a second wind, and picked my pace back up. I continued to push myself through the last mile, though not too much (you'll know why I was saving my energy soon). As I cam up on mile 6, with just .2 miles to go, I saw the Navy guy again and grinned. I knew I could beat him. I picked up my pace, and passed him just before crossing the finish line with a PR of 1:15:42, 5 minutes off my last 10k! I was thrilled, but the day wasn't over.

You see, the day after Race for the Taste, V. texted me to say "I have a crazy idea- Celebration Health Distance Dare". And while I don't remember ever actually agreeing to do the Distance Dare, both V. and I had the hot pink stickers on our race numbers that designated DD participants. What is the Distance Dare? It's a new feature of the Track Shack Grand Prix Series that allows people to run both distances. Yep. Both. Hence me saving my energy on the 10k. Because after I finished and met up with V., we headed over to the start of the 5k.

I don't have much to say about the 5k. V. and I both ran our own pace, at 5-1 intervals, and almost finished at the same time. I took it easy, but felt really good during it. If I hadn't been saving my energy for the 5k, I could have probably knocked another minute or two off my 10k. I also made the rather interesting discovery that a 5k is a very short least after running a 10k. My total time for the full 15k came out to 1:53:45. Not bad, considering the farthest V. and I had run before the race was 6.5 miles.

Shout-outs to fellow bloggers and Celebration Health runners Morgan and Robin.

And now, to bed. I'm still tired, and my legs are still very angry at me.

P.S. Sorry about any typos. I'm too sleepy to go back and fix them right now.

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Robin said...

Yay! You and V did it! Great job!! And that's funny about the observation... I've been kinda wondering about that myself - "Does the 5K feel oh-so-much-shorter after doing a 10K?" You've confirmed my thoughts! That means PRing a 5K shouldn't be out of the question, right? :-)

Thanks for the shout-out. And congrats again on 'taking the dare!" You go, girl! Oh, wait, you DID! LOL...

See you at the Turkey Trot? Hubby and I are walking it. While he's a true fan of TS, he's not quite ready for a run, but an enthusiastic walk before a big meal is perfect... :-)

BTW - yes, sounds like we were running alongside one another at some point.. I saw the Navy guy, too. I'm a Navy veteran, so I found the Army/Navy thing pretty funny! (sorry, V!)