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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Belated Fibre Friday

I missed my normal Fibre Friday post last night for a very good internet was done. But now its back! Yay! a Christmas knitting update, I've finished one of my projects! This should mean that I only have two things left to knit, but my brother, contemplating the completed Finished Object (which shall not be identified until after it has been given to the intended recipient), said "You know, you knit a lot better than when you made me that awful hat".

"Yeah, that was pretty bad," I agreed. C.'s hat had been one of my earliest projects. It was round, which is about the only way it resembled a hat.

C. continued to contemplate the FO. "I better you could make a better one now."


"You're knitting gifts for a lot of people in the family, aren't you?"

"Yep." And than I got it. C. wants me to knit him a hat for Christmas. So now I have three remaining projects. I don't mind the chance to redeem my last hat.

As for the FO that I knitted, it was really fun, and really fast (You can find the patter on my Ravelry page, under "Christmas Project 2"). The design was ingenious, though it took me almost until the end to realize how it worked (I'm still learning how to mentally translate the pattern into an image of the finished object).

The only problem was that I knitted it with slightly thicker yarn than that pattern called and I had some trouble getting gauge. The pattern said 15 stitches should equal four inches on size 10 needles. So I cast on 20 stitches onto size 8 needles (you should always cast on more stitches than you need so you can measure the middle ones), and proceeded to knit a small sample swatch. I could immediately see that it was too bit, so even though I'd thought I might have to go up, not down, a needle sized, I dropped to a 7. Still too big. Throughly confused, I casted onto a size 6, deciding that since on this pattern it was better to be to big than too small, I wouldn't go down another size even if gauge wasn't perfect. I casted on 20 stitches...and it hit me. 20 stitches. I had been stupidly measuring all 20 stitches, instead of just the middle 15. *sigh*. I pulled out my size 9 needles, casted on 20, knit a swatch, measure the inner 15 stitches and...perfect.  And way more work than it should have been.

Well, I'm now behind at least one post, on running the Turkey Trot, which I'll try to put up tomorrow. I also have three more Christmas projects to get done. But tomorrow is Sunday, and on Sunday,  I spin :)

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