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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Return of Hybrid Runner

Plus 2, minus 1

Some of you might remember this post. It was about all the running gear I use, and my experience with the Nike iPod+. Well, my iPod+ is up and working again, but I'm missing one piece of equipment. Since I don't run in one of the Nike shoes equipped with a cubby-hole for the iPod sensor, I'd bought a little case that velcroed it to my shoe. But when I decided to get out my iPod+ again, I could find the shoe sensor and the sensor that plugs into the iPod, but no velcro case.

Innovation was called for.

Yes, that is duct-tape.

As far as new gear goes, well my new additions aren't exactly high-tech: just two lycra-type bands with velcro and a gel pad. But what they do is better than all my equipment put together- they let me run again.

You see, I was having knee problems, and it turned out that my knee caps don't quite line up with the groove they're supposed. I had to go physical therapy for a little while, and they taught me how to move my knee cap into place and tape it there (which feels as nice as it sounds).

The bands I now run with, one on each leg, aren't on my knee, but right above it, on a muscle called the IT band. By putting pressure on the IT band, they keep it from pulling my knee caps in the wrong direction, allowing me run with considerably less pain.

So, thats my post for today. To those of you who read my blog for the fibre-arts stuff, I apologize. I start spinning my new fibre soon, though, so I should have something good next week.

If you want to follow my runs, there's a box in the left sidebar that shows my run-stats from my iPod+. It's a little inaccurate though. My last "6 mile" run was really only 5.

So, I'll see you on the road, and in the yarn stores!

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