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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Not-so-Secret Project

As some of you know, I've been collecting dyer lint with the intent of spinning it into yarn. I know this might sound kinda of odd, or maybe even gross, but if you think about, dryer lint is about as clean as a fibre as you can get - its fresh out of the wash. And it is a fibre, at least a fibre blend. Some sort of mix of cotton, acrylic, and whatever else you wash.

Anyways, while I'm still collecting dyer lint, I'm now starting to give some serious though as to the mechanics of spinning it. Lint has very short fibres, and since its a blend, they won't be very willing to stick together. It does work - I twisted a bit with my hands the other day - its just going to be challenging.

To that end, I have been doing some secret research on Ravelry's discussion boards. I'm not quite willing to own up on Ravelry that I'm going to attempt to spin dryer lint, so I've been very discreetly inquiring about spinning "a very fine cotton blend with very short fibres". From my inquiries, I have determined that I need:

1) hand-carders with a high ppsi (pins per a square inch), which I need to look around for (basically, I need to visit a bunch of Web sites* and find whose hand-carder has the highest ppsi). Hand-carders are used to brush the fibre so it all goes in the same direction.

2) A supported spindle. I love my drop spindle, but with the short and fragile fibres of the dryer lint, I'm going to need something that doesn't pull on the yarn until its fully spun. Today I did a little online searching on supported spindles, with no intent of purchasing one, when I came across this:
(if you can't access the link, it's for a spindle that sits in a supported base that allows it to spin freely).

I can claim no responsibility for what happened after I watched this video of the spindle in action.

My hand clicked "buy now" of its own accord. And now it looks like I'll have a new toy come Monday.

*I generally don't condone online shopping. I'd much rather visit a LYS like The Black Sheep, but there are no yarn store locally that carry spinning products. That being said, the online shops I'm looking at are all small business, so I feel a bit better about that.


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