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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fibre Friday

Because You Asked
(Okay, maybe not you specifically, but at least a few of you generally)

It seems my blog readership has become divided into three distinct groups. The first, and original, is the general readership group. It is mainly comprised of my close friends and family, and many of you have been following my blog since I started it back when I went to Oxford. You are the group that, for reason's unfathomable to me, find my life interesting enough to take time out of your own lives to read about it.

The second group is made up of my knitting friends. You all (I assume) are reading in hopes of me having a knitting disaster for you to laugh at. Or you just find yarn, fibre, pointy sticks, and drop spindles as fascinating as I do. This post, and hereafter, this day, is for you. Friday will now be dedicated to fibre.

The third, and newest group, consists of my fellow running bloggers. At the moment, I will not be dedicating a day of the week to you (I already dedicate three days a week to running- that leaves little time to actually write about it). But look for running updates on my regular Monday posts.

One more bit of business: I've added a background to my blog. Yea, or nay? Let me know. Whether or not it stays is up to you.

And now, your henceforth regularly scheduled Friday post:

Remember the fibre I recently got? I've started to spin it. It's my first time spinning with colour (and only my second time spinning. I tend to jump the gun in that area. My second time knitting I made a sweater. Or at least, that's what it was supposed to be), so it should be interesting.

It came as a sliver (long, narrow piece) which I divided into 4 pieces lengthwise, following the dye patter. My plan is to spin two ply yarn with the colours roughly lining up. Thus far, I have spun one of my pieces:

Not bad, huh? The tension is almost even all the way through. This might actually work.

The fibre, as you may recall, is called Easter Bunny. I didn't understand why at first, but now I think I do. The main colour is a grassy green, which is broken up by random bursts of blues, purples, and oranges. Like stumbling across an Easter egg in the yard. It also makes for exciting spinning, as I wait to discover the next egg.

Unfortunately, this post must also contain a confession. I'm working on a secret project (time to start Christmas knitting :) ) that required me to pick up a large number of stitches. I admit, I broke down and used a crochet hook to pick them up.  But that is not the worse of my crime.

I innocently left my crochet hook and knitting out by my computer, and while watching a show online, unknowingly picked up the hook and the tail of my project, and I swear my hands were acting on my own, and I didn't know what they were doing, but I...I...(weak stomachs should look away here)...I single-chain crocheted the tail of my project.


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