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Monday, September 21, 2009

Underwater Eagles and Fuzzy Skies

This weekend John Antonio came down for a visit. Since we both like rollercoasters, we went to Sea World to check out their new coaster, Manta. Manta is a flying coaster, which means you’re parallel to the ground the whole time. Talk about a head rush! The lift up is terrifying from the front row, and the first drop leaves you feeling like you’re going to fly out of your chair. I wouldn’t recommend the back row unless you have a tough stomach.

The line for Manta is really cool, with underwater views of tanks filled with the ride’s namesake, manta and stingrays. I’d never realized how graceful these creatures are. One variety, I was pleased to note, was called the Eagle Ray. It’s well named. Rays swim through the water like birds fly through the air, flapping their wings for a bit, then spreading them out and coasting.

The rest of my visit with John was nice, though short.

In other news, today I got some lovely spinning fibre that I’ve been eagerly waiting for. The fibre came for “Twist of Fate”.

“Easter Bunny” Hand Dyed Alpaca (to be spun for a special friend-or maybe friends if I can spin fine enough)

I was pleasantly surprised to find not only the fibre I’d ordered, but a nice, handwritten thank you not in the package, and a free sample of another fibre:

“O” My, 100% organic hand dyed wool. (It’s colour reminds me of a cloudy sky on a sunny day, and I love it so much I might have to try spinning it even though I’m allergic to wool)

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you all have had a good week!

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