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Monday, August 31, 2009

One of those Posts

10 things, in no particular order:
Pictures forth-coming

1. Last night I spilled wine on my computer (a Cabernet Sauvignon, for those who wondering, since about three people today have thought that would be a funny question).

2. My computer will be okay. All the important stuff, like memory, survived. The keyboard and trackpad, however, did not.

3. Yes, the current state of my computer is why this post has no pictures (good deduction!)

4. Speaking deduction, a Sherlock Holmes movie is coming out, which I think is pretty cool, but I am worried they won't be true to the books.

5. Today, I went through a drive-thru teller at bank. I don’t care how old you are, those vacuum tube thingys are really cool. Which made me wonder, have any of you ever accidently drove off with the container you put your check in?

6. Yes, “thingy” is a technical word. Why do you ask?

7. A philosophical thought: I spent last night un-spinning some yarn I had spun. It was too lumpy to use, so I wanted un-spin it and then re-spin into nice, fine yarn (I’m using alpaca fibre). And them I thought, “It’s funny how much life knitting and spinning can be, but there are some things you can do with yarn that you can’t do with life”.

8. Today, after thinking about it all summer, I finally bought myself two pets. Two rats, to be precise. I’ve had rats before, and they make excellent pets. Smart, playful, and friendly. I’ve been bitten by a lot of rodents, but never a rat.

9. After much debate, my rats, unlike all my past ones (Hermes, Apollo, Echo, and at one point the whole Pantheon (Hermes had a litter)), are not being named after Greek gods. They are both hooded rats, one grey, and one light brown, so I was going to named them Athena and Artemis (if you don’t know why I would name a grey rat Athena, go read Homer). Instead, they are being named…

10. …Knit and Purl (surely some of you saw that coming?)

So, that’s it for my Monday post! Tune in next week for more exciting episodes of the Emma’s Life!

(Or later this week to see the pictures. Hopefully, I’ll be getting my computer fixed tomorrow.)

P.S. This my 100th post. I feel like that deserves some kind of recognition.


Joanne said... deivated from your classical names for pets! And no, I did not see that coming! But I think that Knit and Purl are good names. Maybe you should give them some yarn to play with, or make them sweaters :-)

Emma said...

All the kids in my middle school class think I need to knit sweaters for my rats. Maybe I need to give that idea some serious thought... :)

Christy Z said...

You made me laugh out loud. I love the rat names.