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Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Blog for a New Week

And a New Resolution

Hello, to all my remaining readers (surely there's some of you left?) You might have noticed that I've redone my blog a bit. It's a new blog for a new resolution. I've been a bad blogger ever since I've gotten back from England, not through lack of material, but lack of discipline. So, that's about to change. From now on, Monday, August 17th, I resolve to have a new post every Monday. There. It's been declared, and now I have to stick with it.

A quick tour of my new blog design: The picture on top is of Lily Pad Lake in Colorado (bet you didn't know I went to Colorado, since I was to lazy to blog about it). On the left, I have some new, and old, features. In order:

About Me: It's about me. That's about it.
Blog Archive: Old blog posts. Pretty self-explanatory
Links: Some of the blogs I follow (I will be updating this soon)
Ravelry: The best way to describe this is Facebook for knitters (okay, and crocheters). If you are a member, click to see my profile. If not, click to sign up. It's pretty cool (and I've published a design there :) )
Patterns: Links to a PDF download of my patterns (I know, there's only one. I'm working on that)
WIP's: For you knitting muggles, a WIP is a Work in Progress. Track my progress on the projects I'm knitting, and laugh as I get in over my head.
Followers: People who think my blog is so cool they want to get notify when I update it. (Note there's only 3)
Subscribe: If you think my blog is so cool you want to get notify when I update it, click here.

Well, that's my Monday Post. Look for one next Monday (I promise it will actually be interesting), or maybe even sooner (I know, yeah right).

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