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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Justifiably Late Post

A Difference in Intent

Those of you who know me, or have been reading my blog for a while, know that I have been blessed to be able to travel a lot. I’ve been to Europe more than most people have left their home state. But I’ve recently become struck by the ways one can travel. I don’t mean by different means of transportation, but rather that the reason you are travelling can change the whole feel of the trip.

Perhaps the first time I had a sense of this was when I in Oxford. When I went to Oxford, I was going to place. But when I left, I realized I was leaving behind people.

I’ve travelled twice this summer, once to see a place, and once to see a person, and the difference between the two trips is marked in my mind.

The place my family and I went to was Colorado, and while we saw some friends there, the intent behind the trip was not to see them, but simply to be in Colorado. We hiked the mountains,

visited the towns near where we were staying,

and I raided a few yarns stores.

The whole trip was about actively seeing and doing. I can now tell you quite a bit about the area we were in. Where to hike, what the weather is like, where to buy grocers, and of course where the LYS (Local Yarn Store) is. Which is very different from my trip this past weekend.

Last night I arrived home from a trip to Texas. I can’t verify if everything is bigger there because, in truth, I never even took the time to notice I was in Texas. Oh, I could probably get you to a grocery store, but I couldn’t tell you if it’s any different from the ones I’m used because I wasn’t paying attention. It was hot there, but its summer, so it’s hot everywhere right now. There is nothing I noticed in Texas that made it uniquely Texas because I wasn’t concerned with that. You see, I wasn’t visiting a place, I was visiting a person.

My boyfriend, John, is now in Texas for grad school, and I went to Texas to visit him. Yes, we took a run around his college campus, and visited his city’s downtown area, and while both were very nice, I didn’t spend my time investigating them, or trying to see what made them unique. My trip was about the person, not the place.

Perhaps next time I go to Texas, I’ll spend more time getting to know the place, but I focused on what was important on my visit, and am glad I did.

P.S. Sign of a good boyfriend? He let me take a picture of him holding my sock.

P.P.S. My luggage made it safely to my house today.

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