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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The House Sitting Chronicles

Day Two- Monday

The dogs decided to take advantage of my kindness of letting them sleep in the bedroom by waking me up at 6:20.
I was asleep when I became aware that the bed was shaking. I opened my eyes, and saw Lance with his paw on the bed. “Hi,” I said. “Go away”.
When I spoke, Lance began to wag his tail, and then placed both paws on the bed. “NO!” I said firmly, but I must have been too sleepy to sound firm, because he took this as an invitation to pull himself all the way onto the bed. Feeling left out, Olivia promptly joined him. They began to nudge me, not violently, but they probably wouldn’t have been disappointed if they’d manage to roll me out of bed.
I gave up on any hope of sleeping till 7 (when I’d planned to get up) and got up and pulled on some clothes, before taking the dogs outside for their morning walk.
Oreo met us in the garage, and suddenly decided he liked me, meowing, purring, and rubbing against my legs. I looked down and saw his food dish was empty. Oh. That explained the sudden demonstration of affection.
I fed the cat, and walked the dogs. After we got back from the walk, it was time to feed Lane and Olivia. They have separate dishes, and Olivia gets fed first (she also gets her leash on first). After she finishes eating, she waits for Lance to finish and then gets to lick his bowl.
After the dogs were finished eating, I got dressed for work, fed Nim, and left.
When I got back from work, I walked and fed the dogs again, then played with them a bit.
While I was making myself dinner, however, I checked on the Frog, and was concerned to see him floating at the top of the fish tank. Was he dead? I touched the top of his head, which was sitting above the water level, and he didn’t so much as blink. Oh no. He was definitely dead. And definitely too big to flush down the toilet. I decided I’d wait until later to call the owners and ask them what I should do, then went back to making dinner (yes, I washed my hand first-give me some credit!).
After dinner, when I started to clean up, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was the Frog! He was alive and now moving to a different spot in the tank. Apparently he had been in a coma or something earlier.
I fed the cat and the fish, and then went to bed, after closing up Lance and Olivia on the porch so I could sleep a little later tomorrow.

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