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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I’ve had a day of emotional swings, from excitement over the inauguration to frustration in my Philosophy class. But over it all, I’ve been struck today by what’s really important. So, in keeping true with my New Year’s Resolution, I’m not going to write about my expectations for America under new leadership or express my annoyance with Descartes. Instead, I’m going to stick with the present.

Today, before the sun started to set, the sky was a sheet of blue, only broken up by a few small, nebulous attempts at clouds. But mostly, it was (high of 34F/1C). Even though my coat kept my body warm, any exposed skin soon felt like it was being burned by the wind that touched it. Yet even though it stung, it also refreshed. It was pure. Clean. Fresh. And it made me feel alive. As I walked out of my philosophy class, it was as if the wind stripped off my building frustrations, and instead left very simply an awareness of being alive. And that is what I am today. Alive. And for that, I am grateful.

Something from the past…A poem I wrote in middle school (after I’d figured out rhyme, but before I knew about meter)

The clouds drifting by in a lazy blue sky.
Each changing form under watchful eye.
Giving a shape to dreams deep inside…
Clouds drifting by in a lazy blue sky.

The burden of sorrow
We lay upon the earth.
Unwilling to bear it,
And the price that it’s worth.

The lightness of joy we take,
For our own hearts desire.
We take the good and leave the bad.
Never learning the lessons
We should have had.

Yet the few among us
Who bear the burden they’re given,
The few among us who accept the pain,
Will learn their lessons to the full,
And that will be their gain.

Those few give us hope,
That we can deal with everyday things.
Those few give us hope
That we can grow our own wings.
And in those few we put our trust,
That they will help us when the burden’s too much.