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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grad School Application:

Philosophy Major For Sale


Gets along well with others.

Greek and Latin included for no extra charge.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Reflection: What’s Your Status?

For those of you who don’t know, Facebook (this is a link to the wiki explanation. If you want to go the Facebook page, click here) allows its users to write their status at the top of their pages. The following is a collection of statuses (or stati, I suppose), that appeared after the election. This is only a sample of the many of the statuses my friend put up, and I’ve removed all their names and arbitratliy assigned them to “Joe” or “Jane”. I have, however, left them un-edited, so what you see is exactly how they appeared on Facebook. But first, my own status:

Emma would like to remind everyone, now that the elections are over, that its time to stop being a Democrat or Republican, and time to start being an American.

And now for the rest:

Joe really doesn't think things are going to be as bad as people think, but is packing his bags just in case he's mistaken!!!

Jane is collecting her pennies because that is the only positive change she is going to see. (Man, I hope I am wrong!!)

Joe is not prepared to lose friends over difference in beliefs.

Joe is My president is black, the flag's red white n blue, I'm proud to an American and you should be too.

Jane is ECSTATIC!!!! YES WE DID!!! :) Now we all need to work hard to pull our country together and pray for everything to work out!

Jane is I voted for change, and we got it. Don't hate pple, if nothing else it's a historical moment :D.

Joe is ecstatic that she voted for our new president! GOBAMA! =D.

Jane: ooohhhh democracy.

Jane is thoroughly offended by the rude remarks about plotting assassinations etc on obama and i didn't even vote. grow up people.

Joe is overstimulated by a historic night. (History is, come to think of it, one of the most stimulating things he knows.)

Jane supports neither McCain nor racism, but still has a problem with Obama's stances and policies.

Joe is hoping that America's future is as bright as everyone thinks it will be!!

Jane thinks it's gross when Republicans don't believe in democracy. People DON'T WANT THE SAME! Why are you so bitter and what is ur problem?

Jane thought that ignorant Obama supporters were bad, until she met the ignorant Obama haters. And Ron Paul should be President.

Joe believes that it is time for the nation to stand united.

Joe is wondering what a democratic government will do...

Jane really hopes we can stop talking politics for a little while now.

Joe is excited to see what our new President will do.

Jane is surprised at how ignorant this country is.

Jane is hooray universal healthcare-- time to figure out a new profession..

Joe is excited about some free healthcare.

Joe is loving the Red, White, and BLUE!!! ya dig?

Jane is reflecting on the many sermons he has heard on submitting to authority.

Joe is humble in this moment in history and hopeful that Republicans will work with Democrats for success.

Joe is yesss .... I no longer have to get a job when I graduate!!!!!! Now where do I apply for welfare?

Jane would be okay with Biden as President.

Joe is not I will not be flying my flag.

Jane is going off facebook for a while until everyone chills out. I won't let your unfounded fears ruin my joy - there's room for a soul in our country again.

Joe: Barack the builder, can we fix it? Barack the builder, YES WE CAN!

Jane is happy that America finally has a president-elect and will support Obama throughout the next four years. May we all live with conviction and passion.

Joe is raising a glass to the future! Here's to eight years!

Joe: we're doomed, abandon ship!!!

Jane is extremely moved and equally excited with the choice that America has made. Change has truly come to America to restore the "United" to the "United States."

Joe is ecstatic about the outcome of the election. God Bless the new President.

Joe: Tonight will be remembered as the night that Americans slit their own throats, to the sounds of cheers.

Jane is Celebrating Obama's Victory!!!!! (He's President Now. DEAL WITH IT!)

Jane is really sad, but happy we didn't go down without a fight!!!

Joe is imagining his future bank account deplete as he pays for people he has never met.

Jane is sick of people playing the race card. I'm all for having a black president. I just don't want it to be Obama!

Joe is not really surprised about the results but regardless: holy smokes! this is pretty much the biggest historical thing of our generation. World, get ready...

Jane wants America to relax and trust God and celebrate this day for what it is!

Joe is moving to Switzerland!

Joe has to find loop-holes in the corrupt tax system so that he doesn't have to pay even more taxes.

Jane rejoices that the campaign is finally over after a whole year! Now the United States can focus on everyday issues and maybe get stuff done!

Jane wonders how people can be so worried about Obama's presidency... It simply couldn't be worse than Bush's, no matter what.

Joe is grateful for this CHANGE and prays that we see this not as a time to be cocky but to be humble and thankful. Amen.

Joe is no matter who is president, Jesus will always be my King

Jane is so proud to have helped elect a president who cares about Middle Class America. Finally--our vote counts!

Joe: I would just like to say to all those unfaithful ones who said we weren't ready for a Black President, well keep doubting!!!

Joe would like to remind you that God is not a Republican. Congratulations President Obama!

Jane will NEVER recognize Obama has her president!

Jane has a little more faith in human kind. Let's see how much more we can accomplish.

Joe would like to remind everyone not to lose sight of what's real with regards to this election. Turn not to the man on the TV screen, but the person next to you.

Joe: it's least Ga wasnt a part of it. I can forgive my friends. but what comes next? I need to get ammo before it's banned...

Jane is extremely disappointed and dejected and pissed...the list goes on and on...

Jane is not looking forward to the next four years...

So…What’s your status?