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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photo Tour

A brief tour of my dorm....

My bookcase. The top shelf has two pictures framing a bust of Socrates I got in Greece. The next shelf down has several rocks from all over the world (Greece, England, America, and Morocco), a Moroccan tea-cup, a Spanish fan, and of course, my new fish, Achilles. The next shelf has pictures of my friends. The second shelf from the bottom is all books for class, and the last shelf has a mix of books I brought for fun, and more books for class.

My desk and new chair. The chair took me over a week to find. There is more to my room than this (I have a bed), and there's a lot of pictures on the wall, but I couldn't find an angle that showed all of it.

For the first time in my life, I have my own sink!!!

Our kitchen area. Not shown: a crock pot, pictures on the wall.

Our Common Room. Not show: couch, big-ish red chair, picture of Raphael's School of Athens.


Andrew said...

Crockpotcrockpotcrockpot. Best dorm cooking appliance ever.
Well, with the possible exception of those snazzy press-grills that are so popular with cannibal boxers, but I think Reslife has forbidden those. The crock-pot, however, was explicitly permitted, at least up through my senior year.

DreamingSpires said...

Looks very comfortable and homey -- I notice the English-style kettle in the kitchen shot! ;-)