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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photo Tour

A brief tour of my dorm....

My bookcase. The top shelf has two pictures framing a bust of Socrates I got in Greece. The next shelf down has several rocks from all over the world (Greece, England, America, and Morocco), a Moroccan tea-cup, a Spanish fan, and of course, my new fish, Achilles. The next shelf has pictures of my friends. The second shelf from the bottom is all books for class, and the last shelf has a mix of books I brought for fun, and more books for class.

My desk and new chair. The chair took me over a week to find. There is more to my room than this (I have a bed), and there's a lot of pictures on the wall, but I couldn't find an angle that showed all of it.

For the first time in my life, I have my own sink!!!

Our kitchen area. Not shown: a crock pot, pictures on the wall.

Our Common Room. Not show: couch, big-ish red chair, picture of Raphael's School of Athens.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I’ve always been one of those geeky kids who look forward to school starting, not because I get to see all my friends again, but because I’m ready to learn about something new. In college, where I get to choose my own classes, this has only gotten worse. Now I sit in class and grin like an idiot while looking at the syllabus and seeing what I’ll get to study.

Anyways, yesterday was my first day of classes and I’m reading excited about what I’m taking this year, so I thought I’d share.

My classes are:

Great Books 306: Reason and Revolution
We’ll be reading books from the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. Some titles/authors include Adam Smith “The Wealth of Nations”, Immanuel Kant “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals”, Goethe “Faust”, and Charles Darwin “The Origin of Species”. All told, I have 13 books for the class. I knew it would be a good semester when the instructor announced he had removed the political-science text “Democracy in America” by Alexis Tocqueville with a novel, and instead of cheering, the class grumbled that they had been looking forward to Tocqueville (I did say I was geek).

Greek 385: Selected Texts in the Gospel of Luke
I’ll be translating Luke into English. There’s only one other person in my class, which is nice, but he’s had lot less Greek than me, so the class might move slower than I’m used to.

History 301: Ancient Near East and Greece
Rumoured to be the hardest history course at Mercer, I’m looking forward to learning the non-philosophical history of my favourite country. As a bonus, we’ll be looking at some primary texts, and not just using a textbook. I had history of Ancient Rome with this same professor, and really liked him.

Latin 360: Lyric Poetry
Catullus, Horace, and Tibullus in their own language. What’s not to love? Another small class, with only four students. This semester we’ll also be working with a local middle school that wants to do a Latin program with their students. We’ll get to help design and teach lessons, which I’m really excited about.

PED 144: Ballroom Dancing

Philosophy 240: Philosophy of Religion
Sooooo excited about this class. Its an introductory level philosophy class, so the work will be on a slightly lower level than I’m used to (which means less stress), but the topics look like they’re going to be amazing.

Philosophy 316: Late 19th and Early 20th Century
Since one philosophy class just isn’t enough. Either this class or history will be my hardest class this semester. I’m not really into modern philosophy, but it’s important to learn. As they say, “know your friends, but know your enemies better”. On the plus side, one of my favourite professors is teaching the course, and the class seems like we’ll really have some great discussions.

So, that’s what I’ll be up to these next 4 months.

Oh! Also a “First”….My baby (18-year-old) brother moves into college today. Which means Mom and Dad are now empty-nester. I love you all!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


rejoice in the silence
he said.
in spontaneity and an evening made
for you.

rejoice in the loneliness
he said.
because no matter how often it comes it
never lasts.

rejoice in the night
he said.
although it is dark you know
the way.

rejoice in the day
he said.
remember what should not
be forgot.

rejoice in the noise
he said.
that you can hear
the song.

rejoice in the people
he said.
for they don’t just talk
but listen.

rejoice in this
he said.
that tomorrow the sun
will rise.

rejoice in this
he said.
that every day time
will pass.

rejoice in this
he said.
that you can never
be enough.

rejoice in this
he said.
that you can never
fully understand.

rejoice in this
he said.
that you will never
have to.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home is Where

Home is a complicated thing when you’re in college. As a freshman, I came up with the idea that home was where your toothbrush was. So, for all of my first year of college, I never took a toothbrush to and from school with me. But eventually that wasn’t enough of a definition.

You see, I found myself with two very real homes, both with their own unique sets of friends and family, both with their own ups and downs. And to choose between them, to call one “home” and the other something else…well, I simply couldn’t do it.

Most of you know how Oxford became a third home to me, and how it was to return to my Orlando home. But now I’m back in my Georgia home, and arriving was a whole new experience.

When I first drove onto the campus and got out of my car, I nearly had to fight back tears. I had missed this place soooo much. The magnolias, the gothic brick buildings, the one classical building, the steeple at the top of the administration building... Everywhere I walked brought back memories. All the same, it’s hard to miss a place, since as much as I missed the buildings (especially Knight Hall, where most of my classes are), the buildings had not, I felt, missed me.

After two days, however, Joanne and Jessica (my roommates and school “family”) arrived, and for the first time since winter break, we were all three together again. And there was something right about it. And I knew I was home.

There is a truth about home that I learned my freshman year. No matter how many places you hold in your heart, it is not you alone that determines where your home is. Home is, and always will be, where the hearts’ of the people you love are.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Filler Space (2)

The Bug: A Play in two (short) Acts continued

Roommate 1
Roommate 2
Roommate 3
Large Roach (to be played by himself)

Act 2:
scene: Garden Apartment kitchen, complete with steel security door. Roommate 1 is standing by the stove, making macaroni. Roommate 2 is leaning against the counter. Roommate 3 is offstage, presumably in her room. Unnoticed, Large Roach climbs up the wall behind the cabinets and precedes to cross the ceiling from stage left to stage right

R1: What kind of cheese do you use when you make macaroni?

R2: Cheddar. But at home we—uh-oh. R2 once again breaks off to stare at LR on the ceiling

R1: Oh no, not again! Is that the same one?

R2: I think so. He’s missing a leg.

enter R3, downstage right R3: What’s wrong?

R1: I think we’re going to need your shoe again.

R3 exits. R1 and R2 continue to stare at LR, transfixed by the horror of it all. R3 returns with same flip-flop. R3: I guess I’ll try to get this time.

R1: Try to get it at an angle so it doesn’t fall on you.

R3 shudders at the thought, but resolutely grips the flip-flopR3: Okay, here it goes! R3 takes a step back and throws flip-flop at LR. LR is hit, and all three yell and jump back as he loses his grip on the ceiling. LR, however, is very determined, and, hanging only by one leg, manages to pull his other (4) legs back up

R1: You got him!

R2: Try again!

R3 throws flip-flop a second time. Once again, LR is hit, but still manages to tenaciously hold onto the ceiling. All three yell and jump back (again.)
R1: That was really close.

R3: Okay- one more time. R3 throws flip-flop. LR is hit. Exhausted from the previous attacks, he loses his grip and falls, landing on his back. He desperately waves his 5 legs around. All three yell and jump back (at least there was a good reason to this time

R1: Well, he’s off the ceiling now.

R3: I’m not squishing it.

All three stare at LR, who continues to wave his legs in the air. R1 and R3 look up after a moment and stare at R2. R2 notices their stares and sighs. R2: Fine. Give me the shoe. R2 raises the shoe and brings it down on LR with a rather anti-climatic “squish”.
R1 and R3: Ewww.

R2:looking at shoe I’m not cleaning this. Hands shoe to R3, who holds it tentatively between her thumb and forefinger. This is followed by a moment of silence as all three regard the now dead LR with mixed emotions.

R1: Someone needs to clean this up.

R3: Not me!

R1 and R3 stare at R2. Wordlessly, R2 crosses downstage and retrieves a paper towel. She crosses back and lays the paper towel over LR. Careful not to get roach guts on her hand, R2 scoops up LR’s remains and deposits them in the trashcan located at stage right. All three give relieved sighs


Monday, August 11, 2008

Filler Space

Hello! Did you all miss me? I've been busy moving back to college and working on the Cluster, our school newspaper. I'll have a real post later, but in the meantime, here's something I wrote last year.

The Bug: A Play in two (short) Acts

Roommate 1
Roommate 2
Roommate 3
Large Roach (to be played by himself)

Act 1
scene: Garden Apartment kitchen, complete with steel security door. Roommate 1 is standing by the stove, making macaroni. Roommate 2 is leaning against the counter. Roommate 3 is offstage, presumably in her room. Enter Large Roach, unnoticed on the ceiling, crossing from stage right to stage left.

R2: There’s a lot of cheese in this packet.

R1: Yeah. I was thinking about not using all of it.

R2: When I was little, I called this fake macaroni. It was only “real” macaroni if you grated your own cheese.

R1: I did the same thing. It was real if my mom made it.

R2: How—sees LR and cuts off

R1: How what? follows R1’s gaze and sees LR, now crossing above stove top. R2 quickly covers pot of noodles.

R2: Quick…we need a broom or something! This exclamation is followed by a short moment of desperation as R1 and R2 realize there is not, in fact, a broom in the apartment. Someone get a shoe!

R3 enters downstage right holding a flip-flop R3: Oh no! How did it get in here?

R1: I guess it got in under the door. All stare dramatically at the door, as if expecting an army of roaches to force their way in.

R2: Here, give me the shoe. I’ll see if I can get him.

R3: Careful.

R1: Don’t knock him into the food!

R2 makes several unsuccessful attempts to hit Large Roach. She stops. R2: I can’t hit it. I’m too short.

R1: Let me try. Takes flip-flop and tries to hit LR, equally unsuccessfull. Crosses downstage and grabs a stool. Standing on stool, she hits LR. LR falls onto top of cabinets. R1 climbs on counter to look for him. I can’t see him!

R2: There’s a squish mark on the ceiling. He’s probably fatally wounded.

R3: I agree.

R1: Well, that was exciting.

R2 and R3: Sure was!

R3 exits. R1 and R2 resume original positions, and continue discussion on “real” versus “fake” macaroni. Unbeknownst to them, however, Large Roach, has rolled himself back onto his (now) 5 legs.

to be continued…