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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There and Back Again

Hello! Sorry this post is so late in coming. I’ve been really busy packing, cleaning house, traveling, unpacking, etc. First of all, thank you to everyone who responded to my last post, and thank you even more for taking the time to read my blog. Next, a quick update on what I’ve been doing.

1. Saying goodbye. I’ve spent time in other countries before, but this was the first time I really got to know people there. I am going to miss the other students in my program, but they’re all American, and odds are we’ll be getting together again at some point. But for the first time ever, I’ve left people behind that I will miss and that will miss me (I think). And that was very hard.

2. Packing. Otherwise known as fitting 6 months of my life into two suitcases.

3. Cleaning the house. Dane was first to leave, and wiped down the bathroom before he left. Will did almost everything else which was wonderful, because I had a tutorial on Saturday. I cleaned the kitchen, and we shall not talk about what was found in there.

4. Playing Frisbee at 5:30 AM. But I’ll deny it if any of the neighbors complain.

5. Walking to the bus stop with all my bags. Which would have been awful, except out of nowhere, my neighbor Subiksha rode up on her bike to help me. At 6:20 AM. Which really drove home the fact that I would be leaving friends behind in England.

6. Airplane. Food was good, and I sat next to a nice lady. Otherwise, just as awful as always.

7. Met up with my parents. “I haven’t seen you guys in one week!!!”

8. Observed how BIG American cars are.

9. Ate Mexican food :)

10. Ate Chick-fil-a :) :) (Chargrilled chicken wrap with rasberry vinergarette dressing, small waffle fries-not chips!-and root beer)

11. Noticed how BIG American refrigerators are.


Andrew said...

Honestly, I think the moment it hit me most that I was back in America was when my parents ordered a "large" soda at Arby's and it actually contained more than half a gallon of fluid.
And you could get free refills if that didn't sate you.

Welcome back, Emma.

Amy said...

I'm glad to know that you made it back safely, Emma. Also glad that you were able to get all of the food which you wanted once you got back to the States. Miss you much!